Tuesday, March 19, 2013

About the project

Project title: "We like to move it, move it!"

Youngsters from Bulgaria, Latvia and Germany discover how the Freedom of Movement changed - from communisum until today.


The project is pointing out the key issues of one of the main human rights - Free Movement of Persons. The main idea is gathering young people form 3 European countries (Germany, Latvia and Bulgaria) who will discuss and outline the problems and perspectives that young people have nowadays to travel, study and work abroad. The out comes of the project will be created based on historical and present point of view by creating a provokative blog that will rise the awareness of the youngsters that will go through it and it will motivate them to aprriciate more and take advantage more of the freedoms that they have now.

Programme of the encounter in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

02.03.2013 – This was the arrival day for the participants from Latvia and Germany. The youngsters from Bulgaria also stay in the hostel with the other two groups.

03.03.2013 – Start of the day with icebreaking games and energizers. On the first day we made the main introduction of the project and initial project presentations. In the rest of the day we discussed the project blog and conduct brainstorming. Welcome party organized by the participants.

04.03.2013 – The participants presented the video interviews and had meeting with historical witnesses - Freedom of movement before the democratic changes and now; Young people were assigned a task to think of situation, in which human rights are violated and had to express these ideas in a role play. Latvian evening.

05.03.2013 – On this day were implemented workshop on the National Socialism; Meeting with Roma leader and debate on the minority issues connected with the Free movement of people in the partner countries. German evening.

06.03.2013 – City game - getting to know the cultural and historical background of Plovdiv; Meeting with representative of the Plovdiv Municipality. Bulgarian evening.

07.03.2013 – Meeting with Human Trafficking expert with discussion and workshop.

08.03.2013 – Evaluation; Planning the follow up activities; Final work on the blog. Farewell party

09.03.2013 – Departure of the groups

The project is being funded in the EUROPEANS FOR PEACE programme of the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Participants

These were our hardworking participants

German participants:






Bulgarian participants:







Latvian participants: 













Friday, March 8, 2013

08.03.2013: Saying 'Good Bye'

This is the last day of the exchange. The time passed faster than we expected and wanted it to pass. In a few days everyone got to know each other, we can proudly say that the ice-breaking games fulfilled their purpose in every case. But the more closer we got, the more sad was the farewell.

After five days of hard work the sixth one was a bit more relaxed, but in my opinion that relaxing break was well-deserved. So on the last day we had a lot of freetime to exploret the city. Almost all of us took the bus to go to the city center. There we went to a huge shopping mall to spent remaining money on provisions and souvenirs, whilst the others where doing their own business at the hotel (maybe preparing the farewell?).

Then we were busy with packing our bags, also the last improvements of the blog had to be finished, because the next hours were the last ones we all could spend together. For privacy reasons pictures of packing our stuff ;-)

Then we were called to the community room. Our "managers" prepared another kind of game for us. It wasn't a real game, but we were asked to write everyone letters of what we want to tell him. Some students forgot to put their names on the letters, but nonetheless everyone got to know each other well enough to assign the letters. In the picture on the right you can see Kiril writing one of his letters. It's a great experience to see that sense of community. 

Afterwards we also took great photos of the farewell evening, which you can see here -

Last dance!

Also the latvians said good bye to their own comrades :-)

A happy good bye picture from the bulgarians

And after farewell we had to wait for the taxis, coming to 
pick up the latvians. During that remaining time we moved
 our dance willing bodies to the dance floor. We didn't want to 
let the evening leave sad memories. 

F-a-r-e-w-e-l-l   P-a-r-t-y !!!
Im pretty sure that the exchange was a full success. We're able to note some achievements concerning our goal to evaluate the freedoms in the EU, as for example new experiences regarding the teamwork with students from other countries using the english language, worked-out recognitions concerning the freedom to travel and of course new contacts and a worthful stop on our life's timeline.

Thanks for the amazing time!